More than a Table Topics Generator.


Most topics are being gen­er­ated with random para­me­ters. This lowers the pos­si­bility that you get a topic twice.


Need an inspi­ra­tion for the con­tent of your speech? Gen­erate up to three random tags for each speech and form your story quickly.

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A dig­ital time­keeper makes sure you stay within the offi­cial time limits.

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More amazing fea­tures are on the roadmap.
To make your impromptu training ses­sions even more enjoyable.

Your impromptu speeches trainer.

You only get better at impromptu speeches by speaking impromptu. Even though Toast­mas­ters clubs offer a great oppor­tu­nity to do so in front of a real audi­ence, the inter­vals between your speeches might be very long. Prac­tising for your­self at home is a good alter­na­tive to get more com­fort­able at spon­ta­neous storytelling.

STAGE TOPICS helps you to master impromptu speeches. A couple of min­utes each day will make you shine at your next club meeting!

No wor­ries, I won’t tell anyone that you used STAGE TOPICS.

From speakers for speakers.

STAGE TOPICS is being devel­oped by public speaking enthu­si­asts for those who are as well or want to be. The topics range from a wide variety of dif­fi­cul­ties and offer a chal­lenge for both, public speaking starters and old rab­bits (this term might only work in German) alike.

To the Stage? This way!

You raise from your chair and walk slowly towards the stage.

Everyone starts to cheer. They are calling your name. Adren­alin starts to kick in.

You walk on stage. The Table Topics mod­er­ator smiles at you and reaches you the hand. You both shake hands.

You turn around towards your audi­ence. All eyes are on you. You are excited. Everyone wants to know what topic you are being given. Espe­cially you.

The silence is broken by the words of the moderator.

Wow, what a session!

Here is a short sum­mary of all your topics, times and tags. Want to start another ses­sion? Click here.

Give me a Tag!
Only avail­able from the Thinking Phase.
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Are you ready?
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Only avail­able from the Speaking Phase.
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As a little thank you, you may submit your favourite per­sonal Table Topics chal­lenge at the end. These will be included in the gen­er­ator. As well as your name and a link to your web­site. But this is optional.


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You are about to leave the stage.
But this is not the end.
This is just the beginning.

A bright future for your speaking skills.

Besides a con­stantly updating data­base of topics, there are more fea­tures in plan­ning that will sup­port you on your journey of becoming the greatest impromptu speaker of all time.



Filter topics by all sorts of dif­ferent attrib­utes to only get the topics gen­er­ated that you like to speak about.



Gen­erate and export random topics for your club meet­ings and use them as an inspi­ra­tion. Fil­ters ensure that they match with the meeting theme.


Guides & tutorials

Two things make you improve at impromptu speeches: rep­e­ti­tion and know-how. Stage Topics guides and tuto­rials will teach you many proven tech­niques to make your time on stage more comfortable.


Chal­lenges will add gam­i­fi­ca­tion ele­ments to STAGE TOPICS. Put your impromptu skills to the test by speaking your­self through var­ious Table Topic levels. The dif­fi­culty is con­stantly rising. Can you beat the hardest topics and become the Table Topics master? 

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This tool is from speakers for speakers. Are you missing an impor­tant func­tion I never thought about? Please email me at, so we can improve the public speaking landscape!


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Fre­quently Asked Questions

What are the time limits?
  • Every speech starts with a 5 sec­onds deep breath.
  • This is fol­lowed by the reading with 8 sec­onds.
  • After that comes a 30 sec­onds thinking time. You can skip the thinking phase by clicking on the timer. But keep in mind that these 30 sec­onds are valu­able extra time and usu­ally con­tribute to a better speech.
  • The stage turns dark. The spot­light is now on you. It’s give us your speech. You may speak up to 2 min­utes and 30 sec­onds. After that, you are offi­cially disqualified.
  • The last 30 sec­onds are over­time. You should come to an end as soon as possible.

In a con­test sce­nario, you would not only be dis­qual­i­fied when you speak for more than 2 min­utes and 30 sec­onds, but also if you finish your speech in less than a minute. Did I just write con­test sce­nario? I mean STAGE TOPICS as well.

What are Tags?

Tags aren’t part of Table Topics, and many speakers hear about them for the very first time. A Tag is a word/term/object that should help you to wrap your story around.

The topics them­selves are just a frame for your story. The con­tent is up to you. But that often leaves you with thou­sands of dif­ferent pos­si­bil­i­ties. A Tag is helping you to get the ball rolling.

For every speech, you can gen­erate up to three Tags. Did a par­tic­ular Tag helped you greatly forming an idea, write it down and use it for your next per­for­mance on a real stage.

Can I switch to another language?

Sure, STAGE TOPICS is cur­rently avail­able in Eng­lish and German. Addi­tional lan­guages are cur­rently not on the roadmap, unless there is a high demand for it. If you would like to sup­port by helping to trans­late STAGE TOPICS in another lan­guage, please con­tact me via

Will Stage Topics stay free?

Let me put it like that: all fea­tures that are born free stay free. Aren’t this great news? 🙂

Coward! You really want to leave?

Spe­cial thanks to André Hölscher for offering his impromptu skills to give an intro­duc­tion to STAGE TOPICS.